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The Messenger: Pro-Trump Lawyers Kenneth Cheseboro and Sidney Powell Try – Again – To Dismiss Georgia RICO Charges Against Them

Following renewed arguments to dismiss the RICO charges against Kenneth Cheseboro and Sidney Powell, The Messenger spoke with Knowles Gallant Timmons Partner Chris Timmons for context. Attorneys for Cheseboro and Powell argued that Georgia RICO should have a “continuity” requirement the way it exists in federal RICO, essentially that crimes need to have a minimum time frame to be prosecuted under RICO and that the two months from Election Day 2020 to January 2021 are insufficient.

Timmons, a Georgia trial attorney and former RICO prosecutor explained, “They’re arguing essentially that there is one [such requirement] when there isn’t…that there should be a continuity requirement, that due process requires it and so they’re cobbling together a bunch of different ideas to kind of create this continuity requirement that doesn’t exist.”

To read the full article, please visit The Messenger here.

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