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The Intercept: Trump lawyer Cleta Mitchell escaped Georgia indictment – and still leads election denial movement

In an article published by The Intercept, writer Andy Donohue discusses the alleged role of Cleta Mitchell, an election attorney and advisor to former President Donald Trump, in an effort to stop the certification of Georgia’s election. Mitchell is one of several names recommended for indictment in the special grand
jury’s report released earlier this month.

Chris Timmons, a partner at Knowles Gallant Timmons and a former prosecutor who has worked with the type of grand jury overseeing the Trump case, said he assumed Mitchell had cut a deal for immunity with prosecutors because the grand jury was so clear that she should be charged and she appeared so central to the conspiracy. But Mitchell’s comment to The Federalist changed his mind.

“I’m kind of surprised,” he said. “I would have thought she had a deal in place. But if she’s out there saying this is a witch hunt, either she’s not very bright or doesn’t have a deal – or used to have a deal.” Timmons added he now believes Mitchell either didn’t fit into Willis’s RICO case or wasn’t charged for
some other reason.

Read more at The Intercept online here.

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