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CNN: How surrenders work at the troubled Fulton County jail – and why Trump’s will be different

Just a week before the former president surrendered to the Fulton County jail, CNN turned to Chris Timmons, a former prosecutor and now law partner at Knowles Gallant Timmons, to share with viewers what to expect while officials vowed Trump and his associates would be treated like any other defendant.

“We’re in uncharted waters at this point,” Timmons told CNN. “We haven’t had a former United States president or anyone with Secret Service protection booked into the Fulton County jail.”
For an average defendant, the booking process can take hours, much of which can be spent waiting around for their turn to be booked. But Timmons said, “In this particular case, you’re dealing with VIPs.” He added that the Secret Service would likely coordinate with the sheriff’s office ahead of Trump’s arrival. “If everybody’s there and ready to do their job, it probably takes three minutes to get a set of fingerprints. It could be 15 minutes total to get them in and out.”

For the full story, please visit CNN online here.

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